What to do when bored? 8 Things to Do When You're Bored

What to do when bored? 8 Things to Do When You're Bored, labelahishkumar

What to do when your bored?

What to do when bored ? Do you find yourself aimlessly scrolling for hours on Instagram taking random snapchat selfies?. And thinking what to do when bored right?

Eventually scrolling your way into so much boredom that you end up making cringy  tick tok. If that sounds like the forecast of your summer well this post is for you .

Hello, what's up it's Ashish and welcome back to my blog. Today i'm back with my post about What to do when bored in lazy summer. You guys just love these stuffs because there's a hundred and four days of summer vacation and school comes along just to end it the annual problem with our generation is finding a good way to spend it. thank you some ferb anyone know just me okay.

What to do when your bored at home alone?

All these things are either free or like under I would say like twenty dollars and they're really fun to do by yourself or with friends. so yeah I hope this post helps you guys out with your boredom this summer. And solve your problem "what to do when you are bored" so yeah let's get started.

These 8 things you can try when your bored at home:

  1. Skating is super fun
  2. Make pizza with your friends or family
  3. Pool super cool
  4. Ukulele, can you play
  5. Body paint fantasy 
  6. Acai bowls
  7. Do a photoshoot, Just for fun
  8. Thrift shopping

1. Skating is super fun

I don't owe you a time back look where's idea. I have for you guys it's to go roller skating and this is super fun and a good way to get outside. you know how do we do a little bit of exercise or just like get a cute Instagram pictures. let's be real we all want a cute roller skate pic not gonna live. actually I awful at roller skating um, us I see an attractive touch securely not my best but you know perfect.

2. Make pizza with your friends or family.

You can salute me trying to roast a little more my speed and something that has to if my favorite thing ever which is food. A fun idea for you guys to do when you're bored is to make pizza with your friends or family boyfriend/girlfriend, your dog. who knows but pizza is great everybody loves pizza. and why not make it at home. it's actually super inexpensive to make it home and it's so fun so get yourself some dough, some cheese some marinara sauce. you could have a competition to see who can make it the best pizza with your friends. this is actually like I feel like a lot healthier than getting pizza out we actually made a vegan pizza.

well I guess in - a cheese but the dough is vegan which was kind of fun shout out Whole Foods ha ha comment down below if you guys got that Cody co-reference that's all I'm sayin but anyways yeah make some pizza it's freaking fun and have a blast y'all Jake your mom judge me I can't just saying though guys these people so we're delicious and we had a so much fun making them so you should definitely make pizza try it out.

3. Pool super cool

All right raise your hand if you were that one kid without a pool and all of your friends had pools during the summer and you just like we're left out. I feel you I feel you so much so if you don't have a pool in your backyard or a pool that you can access why not make your own in your backyard I got this little baby pool from Target for about 20 bucks. You know what I had a freaking Apple ass in this little baby pool I thought my backyard I can dig up my tan on relaxed and you know what I had a freaking ball you know we don't have to have the most epic pool to have a great time and yes yes it does look like I wet myself love that for me.

4. Ukulele, can you play?

Moving on to something a little more challenging in strim n't I actually have played at the ukulele for quite some time. Now I think like four years wow I'm just like so tumblr but anyways I actually a fun fact played the violin for seven years we loved an orchestra nerd but anyways, actually playing the ukulele is really fun. It's super fun to learn to play. Actually learn how to play from the ukulele teacher he has a youtube channel you guys should check it out. if you guys want to learn how to play but anyways try it out it's so fun you know learn to play some funky fresh tunes.

5. Body paint fantasy 

You're ready to feel like the most basic disco girl out there because we're doing body paint that is the next idea. this is actually so much fun you guys and me. my friend that we had the best time just sitting chatting and listening to music and just paint all over your bodies it was so much fun that if you're artistic or not this is fun to do.

You guys can just go wild and I got washable non-toxic paint mind you so yeah I don't like using these toxic paint it's gonna make you die you know we don't want that sense we don't want that also save paper better for the environment just paint on your body but anyways try this out with your friends guys it's so much fun and yeah keeps the board of that BAE.

6. Acai bowls

Moving on to another food-related thing is there a theme here I think so but anyway it's my next idea to make an acai bowl. acai bowls or my favorite tree honestly you're around especially in the summer because it's so hot outside so nice for refreshing especially on a hot summer day if you guys want to cool it down or you know maybe make something a little bit healthier other than like having ice cream.

All I did was go to the store it gets my cyi and I got some strawberries cut those up blueberries granola and I also got some edible flowers from Whole Foods hopefully get all the supplies though, I think added up to be like less than what going to get in a soluble from the stored costs. So I just decorated my Seibel with strawberries blueberries my cute little edible flowers honestly this was so Instagram Abul perfect for you know that like this Kofi oh my god but anyways yeah got a cute Instagram picture had a great a soluble what better is there than that.

7. Do a photoshoot, Just for fun

Now if your instagram is lacking a little bit of content this summer. The perfect thing to do when you're bored, Let's do a photo shoot and what not better right to do it with friends. Friends make everything better that's why right but that way you guys can take photos of each other or do you like a cute little girls squad photo shoot you know get that content. Content to get content shot of Alicia and Remi all jokes aside. I love taking photos, I love making memories and looking back on them. So it's just a fun way especially getting disposable cameras or like using a Polaroid is so much fun and a great way to make some memories.

8. Thrift shopping 

It's moving on to my last idea and that is to go a thrift shopping this is so fun year round but especially in the summer because you don't have to pay for air conditioning free air conditioning center plus this is perfect though if you got you're looking for an affordable new summer wardrobe you guys can actually I think sell your clothes at Lisa's like crossroads and Value Village get some money back and turn it into a new wardrobe a13 is super fun very on-trend for 2020.

Why not try it out it's really fun to go with your friends and like pick out outfits for each other. Do a little fashion show find a little something to do a thrift slip on I love watching thrift fit videos comment on below. If you guys think I should do one under but anyways yeah the possibilities are endless. whoa hey I'm back like cameras had a focus Wow quality are you not are you are you is you're bored I'm cured so what am I saying is you're bored I'm cured. I don't know I hope it helps somehow I hope you guys enjoyed that post if you did give it a thumbs up comment down below.


Finally, hope YOU liked the ideas for what to do when boared, you must try these things.. have fun.

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